About Me

Hi, I’m Rebecca Bogart.

Gifts from the Darkness is an event that grew out of my own healing journey through cancer, trauma, Covid and into the now.

After the financial challenges and stress of cancer treatment, I lost connection to the joy of making music. In Winter 2021 I was floundering in a sea of anxiety and sadness. I found sanity and solace in playing the most beautiful music I know – the Chopin Nocturnes. I started with one, and as my confidence at the keyboard returned I learned many more. These transcendant night pieces depict many aspects of darkness: sadness, longing, pain, but also refuge, rest, regeneration, and transcendance.

An idea grew – I would return to performing with a solo recital. I would share the joy and inspiration I had found by returning to my art. But what else to include besides Chopin?

Gradually I was drawn to exploring music written by my foremothers from the romantic era, speficially Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel and Clara Schumann. Their works had been languishing in darkness for 150 years and are just now being explored. I decided to embrace this new direction.

I’ve found great meaning and purpose in sharing forgotten music with audiences. I hope Gifts from the Darkness entices you to begin to discover what other unknown beauty could give you understanding and comfort.

anatomy of a nocturne

Sign up for updates and background on the March 16th event and you’ll receive “Anatomy of a Nocturne” as a thank you. 

This beautiful genre is a shining star of the piano literature. Here’s your chance to learn all about this very special type of Romantic music.

Your gift will include a PDF booklet and a video lesson with Rebecca Bogart at the piano.