Instantly Support or Change Your Mood with Our Music Mood Cards

Are you seeking a simple yet powerful way to instantly cheer yourself up? Or maybe you’re feeling great and want to dive deeper into happiness or contentment.

Experience the transformative power of classical piano music with our beautifully crafted, easy-to-use cards that bring emotional harmony right to your fingertips. Use them to bridge the gap between what you’re feeling now and where you’d like to be, or to enhance an already positive mood.

Escape overwhelm and find balance

Life can be overwhelming. Stress, anxiety, and mood swings can leave you feeling out of balance and searching for a way to feel grounded.

Instantly Lift Your Spirits with Curated Classical Music Mood Cards

– Quickly access a carefully curated selection of classical music specifically designed to support or change your mood
– Experience the emotional benefits of music without having to spend time searching online for the perfect piece
– Explore a diverse range of beautiful music, including works by women and people of color
– Enhance your daily life with an easy, effective, and beautiful resource for emotional well-being

Harness the power of music

The power of music to affect our emotions is undeniable and profound. As a classical pianist and teacher, I know how music heals and energizes. I created these cards to help others tap into the transformative power of music. Each piece and performance is carefully chosen to powerfully evoke emotion, making it easy for you to find the right music for your needs, anytime and anywhere.

Introducing our Classical Music Mood Cards

Musical Mood Cards are a unique tool designed to enhance your piano practice by focusing on the emotional aspects of music. Each card represents a different mood, providing you with a new way to explore and interpret piano pieces composed by women.

48 Colorful Cards: Each features vibrant colors and artistic design.

QR Codes for Easy Access: Scan the QR code on each card to instantly access a carefully chosen online recording of the piece.

Play All the Music from One Web Page: Don’t want to deal with QR codes and opening multiple windows? Just visit the URL listed on the card, and you can play all the selections from one page on this website.
Composer Portraits and Diversity: Broaden your knowledge of classical composers with these printable cards. Each one includes a portrait of the composer and their years of life. And I’ve included numerous works by women and people of color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about our Musical Mood Cards and how they can enhance your musical journey.

How do I use the cards?
Simply choose a card based on your current mood or the mood you’d like to achieve, scan the QR code with your phone, and enjoy the music instantly.
What types of emotions can these cards help with?
You’ll find cards for happiness, exuberance, pride, playfulness, relief, love, hope, amusement, inspiration, grief, loneliness, disappointment, nostalgia, and melancholy.
Are the recordings high quality?
Yes, each QR code links to a carefully selected performance on either YouTube or Spotify.
Can I use these cards if I’m not familiar with classical music?
Absolutely! One of the reasons I made the cards was to help make the beauty and emotional benefits of classical music accessible to all.
How many cards are in a deck?
Each deck contains 48 unique cards, each with a different mood or theme to inspire your musical practice.
How do I get my free printable cards?
Simply sign up with your email address, and you’ll receive a downloadable PDF of the cards that you can print and start using immediately.

Unlock the Power of Music to Support and Transform Your Emotions

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Email testimonials

“I have enjoyed so much Rebecca’s weekly emails that allow readers to follow the serendipity of her interests and the way the outside world connects to music and musicianship. She strives to advocate for musicians and composers who have been neglected or forgotten because of gender and race. Reading her thoughts is time well-spent.”
Wendy Breuer

“What a pleasure to watch and read Rebecca’s weekly presentations!
She invites us into a full musical world, playing beautifully, colorfully,
and talking directly to us – a real conversation that encourages our
comments and questions. We hear about rehearsing, technical ins
and outs, background of the music and the many composers, from
Clara Schumann to Chopin to Gershwin – all with interest, good humor,
and her talented feline assistant. “
Allan Crossman

“It brightens my day when I see Rebecca’s message pop up in my email. She always has something interesting to say, be it educational, entertaining, etc. A recent message entitled “Spring” included music of favorites such as Stravinsky and Vivaldi, and in addition featured “spring” music of often overlooked woman composers. Embedded in the message are links to the pieces she mentions.

Is Caitlin Clark the Clara Schumann of women’s basketball? That’s the title of one of Rebecca’s posts. So you can see she is a woman with a sense of humor as well as vast musical skill and knowledge.”

Linda Anderson